Email Marketing

Grab Users Attention

with Engaging Content

Struggling to get your audience’s attention? Email marketing can be an effective marketing solution to be able to interact with your customers. If you’ve already got solid SEO and PPC campaigns, email marketing comes as a natural integration to your campaign to support you with the nurturing and lead conversion process.

Putting you directly in front of your target audience with personalised email newsletters, email marketing can prompt customers to visit your website and encourage them to complete main goals on your site, such as purchasing a product or service.

Email marketing can be a cost-effective solution in order to help increase your ROI and promote your business in a creative and approachable manner. Marketing Consultancy have a great reputation for delivering impactful email marketing campaigns for all kinds of businesses in varying industries.

Proven Results

With email marketing, you can deliver compelling, engaging and targeted messages to your audience to direct them either to your website or a specific point of sale, such as a specially designed landing page or product page.

If you target your audience with tailored messages in the form of emails and newsletters, you can attract attention and help you to connect on a more personable level with those important customers. With the right messaging in your email newsletters, you can:

  • Encourage brand loyalty
  • Increase sales
  • Drive repeat business

These are all crucial elements to secure the success of your business and help you grow to new heights. We’ve helped both start-ups and established companies achieve these goals with the help of tailored email marketing solutions.

We get these results by working with leading email platforms such as Mailchimp. With their ability to provide marketing automation and personalised messages, you can build relationships with both prospects and existing clients to drive conversions.

Nurture your Leads

With email marketing, you can quickly and effectively integrate this innovative marketing platform into your digital marketing campaign. Combining visionary and communicative elements, all businesses can nurture their leads and support them through their sales journey with email marketing.

Whether its a customer who’s abandoned their basket or a fresh new prospect who’s visited your site but didn’t complete an action, a simple email newsletter can put you back in the forefront of their minds to nudge them towards completing their purchase.

How does it work? An inbound flywheel process keeps your customer at the very centre of your business. Regular communication is provided throughout key stages in their user journey, such as:

  • Attraction – this is where you attract new potential prospects to your business. With attractive and informative email newsletters, you can grab the attention of potential customers and prompt them to visit your site.
  • Consideration – your customers have landed on your website, and they’re trying to decide whether or not they want to make a purchase. With regular communication such as providing offers in emails, you can influence your user’s decisions.
  • Decision – your customer has made a decision. If they’ve purchased something from your website, send them a thank you email to add a personal touch. If they’ve abandoned their cart and decided to shop elsewhere? Try and bring them back with persuasive emails. 

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