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We’ve all heard the phrase “Content is King”, but do you really know the importance of great quality content for your website? Content is more than just a few words on your site: it is actually an essential tool to win your business potential clients, increase your exposure and drive traffic.

It’s been proven that businesses with a consistent content marketing strategy supporting their SEO campaign, they can experience up to 6 times higher conversion rates. If you’re looking to scale ahead of your competition and create a stronger relationship with your audience, you need content marketing.

Grab your audience’s attention with compelling content, written carefully with best practice SEO tactics in mind and sit back and relax as your website becomes more discoverable to new customers.

We’ve Got a Way with Words

Our expert team of content writers will work closely with you to produce high-standard content for your site. Whether in the form of fun and informative blog posts or descriptive product information, we’ll be able to convert prospects into leads.

With the right words, you can build trust and brand awareness, helping you to excel online and stay one step ahead of your competitors. Not only must your content answer your customer’s questions, but it must also reflect on your unique business personality and voice.

Marketing Consultancy can create genuinely useful content that will prompt your audience to watch, purchase or share your products or services. When someone shares a piece of your content, it’ll not only increase your online exposure, but it’ll also demonstrate that you’re a leader in your chosen industry.

Boost your Conversions with Content

Just like social media, content opens up doorways for conversations with your customers. These conversations are a vital ingredient for building stronger customer-business relations. Relations that will get you conversions.

Did you know that content marketing can generate up to three times as many leads as outbound marketing techniques? This is a cost-effective solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes to convert their leads.

In this digital age, people often go online to read content before making a decision on purchasing a product. With quality content, you can help to nurture your audience into making their purchase. Since Google is becoming more stringent when it comes to ranking content, you’ll also need your content to be of high quality to ensure it gets appropriately ranked in search engine result pages (SERPs).

What can we Do?

Curious as to what you can get from our content marketing services? Here’s a sneak peek into what you can expect:

  • Content strategy – before we begin creating your content, we’ll first conduct thorough research to find great content ideas that’ll give you an edge against your competitors whilst engaging your audience.
  • Content creation – when it comes to what we can do with content, the sky ‘s the limit! We can create press releases, feature articles, blogs, white papers, brochures and so much more.
  • Keyword targeting – did we mention we’re SEO experts? Keywords refer to the search terms people use in search engines such as Google. We’ll weave in relevant keywords into your content to get you ranking.
  • Campaign measurement – we’ll keep a close eye on your content campaign to ensure its constant performance. We’ll update you with comprehensive yet easy to understand reports.

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